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Beverly International

Super Pak

  • Do you push your body harder than the average Joe or Jane? Then you probably want something stronger than the average multivitamin. That’s Super Pak, the longest-selling multivitamin daily pack, since 1970.
  • 30 daily packs per box, each with a total of 9 capsules and tablets loaded with vitamins, minerals and more to help you achieve maximum energy, performance and immune system health.*
  • Sustained-release vitamin C and B complex support energy and immunity for 6 hours.* Minerals chelated to hydrolyzed vegetable protein for up to 10x greater utilization.* Enzymes for digestion health.*
  • Custom-formulated for athletes and highly active individuals who are too busy to meet their vitamin and mineral needs from whole food alone. Contains zero banned substances.
  • Since 1967, Beverly International has been the choice of natural physique athletes and personal trainers. Read below to learn more about this powerful formula that they’ve come to trust.

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