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Beverly International

Fit Tabs

  • Fit from the inside out: Restore energy and performance, diminish stress and rebalance your entire body from the inside out with this multivitamin custom-made for the fitness lifestyle*
  • Feeling the gap? If your heart, brain, eyes, muscles, skin, bones or other bodily systems experience vitamin or mineral “gaps,” or shortages, you may look or feel tired and your performance may suffer
  • With essential vitamins and minerals, plant and food extracts, enzymes and probiotics, FitTabs helps avoid nutritional gaps so your bodily systems can perform at full capacity every day*
  • This is what those girls at the gym are using: FitTabs is used by over 90 percent of our figure and bikini competitors(It is also included in levels 1 through 3 of our Beverly Supplement Plans for Women)
  • FitTabs is a great multi for anyone who has just started a fitness lifestyle. It’s especially popular with women, who like that it contains a unique, stomach-friendly form of iron

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